Revolve:R, edition two, composite image.


> All visual artworks are available to purchase as high quality (giclée) prints.

> Each artwork is limited to an edition of /24 prints. Prints have an image size of 21cm2 and a canvass size of 30cm2.

> All visual artworks, from both Revolve:R edition one and Revolve:R editon two, can be ordered. However, to order a print you must first order (or view) the bookwork editions.

> All artworks are identified by page number with publication's index linking
artwork to artist.

> Artists will receive a good commission on print sales.

> To order please include the artwork number(s) within the PayPal form or email

x1 Print, 100.00

x1 Print (framed), 150.00

x2 Prints, 150.00

x2 Prints (framed), 250.00