by Steven J Fowler.

ever an under, there will always be an under
so it is not worthy
of us
to pour over
what other information could you seek?
to race to the seat? to be so small
you are under
Heckler & Koch / Sig Sauer / Steyr Aug
the ball bearing
not a single one revolving but mag loading
the 15 caps in the Glock each represent
overlapped with others
chosen because their craftsmanship
materials were thought remarkable.
translucent agate made into a casket
tiny naturally occurring dice (spiked)
a red horn cup has become an antidote to poison (mightaswellhave)
a talk/show on anger
with a railway line being built into Tsavo (your mother)
& one might as well resent all in one
than one in all
forever an under
all is an over
the revolutions into pressure
the collection of song, arbitrary
sat together for function
is becoming mountainous (slim chance)
2 women sit, their faces discs