Elements: 79

by Anna Mace.

Where lines meet, threaded distinctly
Across micro-mapped landscapes,
Tangled paths trace memories of
Shadowy forms at three points created.
Sounds distill across widening skies, counts
Down, interrupts a parallel universe where,
The eyes of Providence connect and blink,
Then blink again.
And light journeys on, where black meets white,
The silver compounds oxidize to bright,
Collision courting chrysopoeia.
Orbits alter, illuminating rooms that fill,
As emptiness and apathy punctuates
The silence of an infinite beyond.
Our alchemy, forces strive to channel energy,
In vain, the ways reverse a story, a connection
To the heart - The Emerald Tablet
And its reflection, build pyramids of hope.
Dashed projectile of rain smudges, prints,
A stain of coffee, encircling, counts up,
And up and skyward climbs,
‘Till hands clasp shoulders, embracing life,
Arms wrapped like gifts, round axioms of truth.