The Earth Hums Mohini

by Anna Mace.

The blue moon saw me standing alone, she knew
what I was there for. Complex organic molecules
are nothing to the protoplanetary disc orbiting the
alien star. Every revolve produces (dys)functional
equations. On walls, states charcoal-scrawled graffiti:
<em>disorders are on the rise. Though Saturn doesn’t seem
to give a fuck, his north pole is too busy shooting six-
sided stars, rainbows, honeycomb fractals over Earth
in spurts of megalomania. It’s not enough her bees are
disappearing, taking with them the answers to life but

Someone editedSaturn to Satan, causing PyroManiacs
to start the fire. Misreading signs, confusing hexagrams
for devil, we mistook the sun for trouble. Blew smoke
signals desperately to out there, whilst fixing her (white)-
holey fabric together with safety pins. Time moves like ants
along burnt-out matches, progressing footprints leave a
legacy of carbon (6). Help! responds with mirrors reflecting
code for D-N-C, throw lifejackets down stuffed with origami
money, the scent of petrichorl in the air, it was a close call
waiting for the soldiers to arrive. Counting down from 10…